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6 Tips for Hiring a Good Contractor

A home is the most prized and valuable possession most people own. When you need work done or remodeling services, a good contractor is essential. Today, Landau Real Estate provides six tips for hiring a good contractor. 


Make sure the contractor has plenty of experience. The last thing you want is someone drilling into your home when they have little to no experience being a contractor. 


A good contractor will have his own equipment. Relying on someone who rents or borrows tools is a sign that they may not be right for the job. 


A company that hires its own employees as well as utilizing reputable subcontractors offers strong credibility. Especially when you are dealing with services like masonry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical as those trades require special licenses and skillsets. 

Licensed & Insured.

Before hiring a general contractor you want to make sure they have all necessary licenses and have adequate insurance in case something goes wrong. 


Is your prospective contractor returning calls and emails promptly? Are they being honest in the communications you are exchanging? Early warning signs typically are visible. Use your gut and intuition to sense some things that may lead to greater problems later.


Any contractor that refuses to give a reference list is a contractor you want to stay far away from. Make sure they offer a reference list and ask for photos or videos of past projects. 


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