Homeowners Spring Checklist

As spring is rolling in, many homeowners may be well aware of the problems they neglected to fix over the winter. Spring flowers bring rain showers, which can cause plenty of issues for your home if it hasn’t been maintained properly over the winter and prior. Today, Landau Real Estate provides you with the homeowners spring checklist. 


The winter, and the snow it brings, can cause heavy pressure build up on your roof. As spring rain begins to arrive, it will surely find the cracks. Cross wind rain will challenge your roof’s infrastructure. Get your roof inspected today before it causes damage to your insulation, drywall, electrical and flooring. 


Whether you have aluminum siding that needs to be replaced, or cedar plank siding that may be damaged, Landau Real Estate can replace your siding to make sure rain and other elements don’t infiltrate your home. An investment that will help to protect your home, yet maintain energy cost. Siding comes with a great warranty and Landau Real Estate provides the best in customer service. 


Did you miss your window to do concrete work before the cold weather hit? If you did, chances are you are facing a much bigger problem now. We can replace any concrete that may be cracking due to age, wear and weather corrosion. With many concrete replacement jobs all over Chicago, Landau Real Estate is here for you. 


Rainy days are nothing to mess with if you have unreliable and dated windows. By replacing windows you will also see a major reduction in expense when it comes to your utility bill. Windows also provide a sizable improvement to your home’s ROI. 


There isn’t anything crazier than Chicago weather. Before you know it we will need to kick on that old A/C unit. It is important to prep your air conditioning system so that it is ready to rock and roll when the dog days of summer roll around. 


When rodents and other animals need to seek cover, unfortunately they may find it in your chimney. Let Landau Real Estate come in and make sure it is not only rodent free but cleaned and regulated. 


The foundation may be the most important element to your property. Tasked with supporting your home, a crack in the foundation can cause enormous problems. We can handle all foundation repairs to make sure they don’t get worse. 


As the years go by, masonry is sometimes the most neglected portion of a home’s exterior.  While it may take awhile for brick and stone to deteriorate, once it starts it’s a rapid descent.  Masonry is very costly to replace and repair.  General and consistent inspection and upkeep can help you pay a little upfront, rather than thousands at once.  Masonry is not only aesthetically unpleasant when it fails, but is also very hazardous.  Let Landau Real Estate repair and maintain your brick/masonry to keep your property safe and beautiful.

Whatever your home improvement needs may be, Landau Real Estate is here for you. Experts in residential and commercial general contracting will have your home prepared for Spring. Book your appointment today!

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